We have several product offering primarily in the web space

Some of our product offerings are as below:
1. Ecommerce. Create your own ecommerce site now:-  

2. Retail.
3. Order Management.
4. Content management.
5. HR and job portal creation.
6. Creation of content and many more.
7. Integrated automation of processes and services.
8. We also provide end to end on boarding services for ecommerce listing.
9. Embedding of Artificial Intelligence in existing applications.
10.DataScience linked projects.
11.Development of Mobile apps on android and IOS.
12.High availability applications.
13.Analytics embedded applications with geo based real time analysis and feedback.
14.AI(Artificial Intelligence) enabled chatbot integration into applications.
15.Responsive application development.
16.End to end ecommerce applicaton development including social application capabilities all using our own technology stack.
17.Business flow automation.
18.Custom ERP application development using our own technology stack.